Stage 1 ECU Software – Mercedes Benz W246 B180



Without any hardware upgrades, we can add 69HP and 135NM of torque with our Stage 1 ecu software.

Stock: 121 hp / 200 nm

Stage 1:  190 hp / 335 nm

Performance is not just about numbers but the amount of usable power and torque throughout the entire RPM range.

What to expect from Eurosports Stage 1 besides numbers?
– Power on demand response from engine.
– Stronger and lasting pull until redline during acceleration.
– Wider power band.
– Extended RPM range.
– Top speed limiter removed.

Please note that you will need to either purchase our “My Personal OBD Flasher” or ship your ECU to us (indicating licence plate and purchase reference number) to program your Stage 1 software.