ES435 Hybrid Turbocharger for AUDI A4 B9 / A5 F5 / A6 C8 / A7 C8 2.0 TFSI EA888 Gen3 MQB Platform.



Hybrid Turbocharger for Audi A4 B9 / A5 F5 / A6 C8 / A7 C8 2.0 TFSI EA888 Gen 3 MQB Platform.

Rated up to 435hp, ES435 Hybrid Turbocharger is equipped with our custom Billet Compressor Wheel, upgraded Bearings, upgraded Turbine wheel, Modified Housing and Precision Balanced with our in house High Speed Balancing Machine

Direct plug and play for the following vehicles:

  • AUDI A4 B9 2.0 TFSI
  • AUD A4 B9.5 2.0 TFSI
  • AUDI A5 F5 2.0 TFSI
  • AUDI A6 C8 2.0 TFSI
  • AUDI A7 C8 2.0 TFSI

Stage 3 Engine Software calibration is required for engine safety and optimal gains.

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 cm